We separate fact from fiction in the detox scene and give an air purifier to a lucky reader.
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Add “detox” to the cloud of buzzwords floating around the wellness world. It seems like a fancy new way to cleanse our bodies pops up daily, at least on my timeline. This begs the question: Is it even possible to ~detoxify~ your body? And if not, what can you actually do to boost your well-being? Keep reading to hear our take on this.
Heads-up: There’s also a chance to win a Clorox air purifier in here. I’ve been using mine for a couple of months now, and I *highly* recommend throwing your hat into the giveaway ring.
Anywho, here’s a list of everything we’re talking about today:
the truth about detoxing (plus how to actually boost your health)
handy at-home health testing kits
the power of air purification (and an air purifier giveaway!)
can cancer be detected in a complete blood count (CBC) test?
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Morgan Mandriota
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  Written by Morgan Mandriota
January 23, 2023 • 6 min read
Common misconceptions around “detoxing” (plus, how to detox properly)
what’s got us buzzing
Common misconceptions around “detoxing” (plus, how to detox properly)
If you’ve been consuming lots of sugar lately or you’re hoping to cleanse your body for whatever reason, you might consider a quick fix like celeb-endorsed detox teas. We’re here to remind you to think twice before buying into that (unfounded) health hype.

“Detoxes sound promising and alluring, but your body actually detoxes without any expensive teas, drinks, laxatives, or plans,” says Healthline’s Senior Nutrition Editor Lisa Valente, MS, RD. “Your kidneys, liver, skin, lungs, and digestive system are getting rid of toxins all the time.” Basically, our bodies already have a built-in detoxification system, so, no, you don’t need those extra products.

Popular detox fads rarely pinpoint the specific toxins they aim to remove and how this process already happens within the body. There’s also no scientific evidence that supports the use of these diets or products for eliminating toxins or sustaining weight loss. “The other downside to ‘detoxing’ is that extreme diets can cause you to rebound in the other direction,” adds Valente. “When the cleanse is over, you’re more likely to overeat all the food you cut out.”

So instead of buying into potentially dangerous or ineffective detox tools, Valente recommends adding small healthy (science-backed!) habits into your daily routine, making sure that you:
  • Stay hydrated, and drink more water.
  • Establish a healthy sleep routine.
  • Move your body.
  • Aim to eat fruits and vegetables at every meal.
  • Reach for whole-food snacks, like almonds and an apple versus a bag of chips.
  • Cook more often.
  • Cut back on added sugars.
tl;dr: Popular “detox” products simply do not work and may have unwanted health effects. To improve and maintain your health, stick with the proven pillars of well-being, like hydrating, eating a balanced diet, and exercising. For more info on detoxing and how to boost your health, click here.
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The potential perks of air purifiers (plus your chance to win one!)
Monday Kick Start
The potential perks of air purifiers (plus your chance to win one!)
You may not be able to “detox” your body, but you can remove toxins from the air in your home thanks to air purifiers. What are the potential benefits? This depends on many factors, like the type of filter, which pollutants it targets, the size of your space, and how consistently it’s used.

But an effective air purifier can:
relieve allergic symptoms by reducing the allergen load in the air
reduce the amount of dust particles floating around
decrease the amount of pet dander from furry loved ones
lessen triggers of asthma symptoms and attacks
reduce airborne particles that contain viruses
It’s important to note that air purifiers don’t magically eliminate *all* allergens and particles from your home, but they do help minimize them! They work best alongside other home air purification strategies, like proper ventilation, humidity optimization, and regular house cleaning.

Either way, I recommend using an air purifier in your home based on my own experience using them. Allow me to step onto my soapbox now …

I’ve been using three different air purifiers in my apartment for the last few months. I’ve got a Mila in my kitchen, a Clorox Smart Medium Air Purifier in my upstairs hallway, and a Clorox Smart Tabletop Air Purifier in my office where my cat and I love to hang. All of these devices link to their respective smartphone app, so I can monitor air quality index (AQI) levels throughout my home on my phone. I can confidently say that the kitchen no longer stinks of old garbage and wet cat food, the hallway doesn’t smell like cat litter, and I don’t feel sneezy or teary-eyed in my (once cat dander laden) office anymore. Woohoo!

GIVEAWAY: What type of environment do you live in? (Rural, big city, next to a power plant?) And how’s the air quality over there? Email your answer to wellnesswire@healthline.com to automatically enter for a chance to win a free Clorox Smart Medium Air Purifier. (Please note that we may use your name and response in an upcoming newsletter!)*

*Giveaway rules: Winners must be 18+ years of age and live in the continental United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) or Canada. The prize cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes. Giveaway ends at midnight EST on Friday 1/27/23.
Health Hype
Can cancer be detected on a CBC test?
(Find the answer at the end of this email)
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Health Hype Answer
Can cancer be detected on a CBC test?
A complete blood count (CBC) test is typically used to check for infections and get a better picture of your overall health, but it *can* detect some types of cancer. Because CBC tests measure blood cell levels, among other things, certain blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, which increase white blood cell counts, may show up.

However, a CBC test cannot detect other forms of cancer, like breast cancer, for example. Other tests such as screenings, ultrasounds, MRIs, CT scans, and biopsies will still be needed to confirm a diagnosis.

Early detection plays a key role in effective cancer treatment, so here’s your friendly reminder to get a health screening. To learn more about the causes, types, and treatments of cancer, click here.
Thanks for reading! If you haven’t entered to win our air purifier giveaway yet, don’t forget to email us about the air quality in your area. Good luck, everyone. May the odds be ever in your favor.
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