Sneak in a little plant-based goodness.
Eat More Plants Challenge

DAY 2 OF 14

Upgrade a fave

What did you discover yesterday? Maybe you found a long-lost can of vegetable soup … or an “aspirational” box of quinoa that you haven’t tried yet.

Either way, you’ve probably already got what you need for today’s challenge. Remember that even small upgrades can offer big value from a health (and flavor) standpoint.

For today’s challenge: Add one of the plant-based ingredients you have on-hand to a go-to recipe today. Whether you “hide” it in a dish or boldly bring it center-stage is up to you! Some ideas:

  • Can of beans? Add to a pot of chili or put on top of a salad.
  • Fresh or frozen spinach or broccoli? Stir into your favorite jarred marinara sauce.
  • Diced canned tomatoes? Drain and add to scrambled eggs.
  • Nuts and dried fruit? Sprinkle onto a bowl of oatmeal.
  • Speaking of oats! Mix half a cup or so into hamburger patty or meatloaf mixture.

Think of today’s challenge as an experiment. Did you like it? Would you try again? How would you do it differently next time?

Until tomorrow,
The Healthline Team

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