You won’t eat what you can’t see!
Eat More Plants Challenge

DAY 8 OF 14

Organize your storage containers

How was your plant-based meal? Any leftovers? Today’s challenge will help you make sure your leftovers (as well as all those prepped veggies) don’t go to waste!

You're more likely to eat your healthy foods if you can see them. Clear plastic or glass containers are ideal for organizing your fridge and your pantry, but no need to go on a container shopping spree. Consider what you already have and keep an eye out on good deals if you want to add to your collection.

For today’s challenge: Get out all your storage containers — old margarine tubs and Mason jars count. Note the range of sizes you have on hand and where you might need to fill out your set. Make sure you have lids that fit each container and that your containers and lids aren’t cracked.

If you don’t have clear containers, keep some masking tape and a Sharpie handy so you can easily label them. Again, if you know what’s in your containers, you’re more likely to eat them!

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