Build on your successes and make your next plan.
Eat More Plants Challenge

DAY 11 OF 14

Level up your meal planning

How did breakfast go yesterday? 🌟 Give yourself a gold star! 🌟 Veggies for breakfast is an advanced move!

Truly, every time you get a little win under your belt, be sure to applaud yourself. With each new skill and each new habit, your confidence grows and you’re ready to branch out further. Small wins = big successes!

For today’s challenge: Plan two plant-based meals for next week and include these ingredients on your next grocery run. (And it’s worth repeating: Plants include beans and lentils, veggies and fruit, nuts and seeds, as well as grains!)

  • Go back to your expanding recipe collection. Maybe you found a grain bowl recipe you wanted to try or a stuffed baked potato bar that sounds great! What else strikes your fancy?
  • Look back any photos you took of produce you'd be willing to try.
  • If you share your home with others, ask them what they're willing to try next week. Getting friends and family involved can up the likelihood of success.
  • If you hesitated to try a meal planning app earlier in the challenge, download PlateJoy or another similar app to have more browsing options. Many of them have free trials. (PlateJoy, Inc. is owned by Healthline Media. If you sign up, we may receive a financial benefit.)

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