Has this retail tradition run out of road?
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I hope you’re enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday so far. Today’s the day many businesses rely on us to join the retail stampede and help move them out of the red and into profit, hence “Black Friday.”
Personally, I’m not one for shopping. These days, my idea of retail therapy involves a crackling fire, a fine beverage, and filling up an online cart at my leisure. It wasn’t always this way. I have painful memories of frantic gift buying in the dying hours of Christmas Eves past. Those times are my go-to never-agains.
So I find it hard to get excited by today’s consumerist ritual. Is it really worth all the stress and standing in line or racing against the clock to check out online? Not for growing numbers of conscious consumers and brands, as we’ll see.
Here’s what’s in today’s fun-sized bulletin:
Black Friday FOMO no-no
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November 25, 2022 • 4 min read
Are we backing away from Black Friday?
what’s got us buzzing
Are we backing away from Black Friday?
Not so long ago, Black Friday reliably made the evening news, and not because of the incredible bargains. Fights often broke out at shopping malls across the nation.

Today’s version of BF is nothing like the phenomenon it used to be. If we use Google as our guide, searches for “Black Friday” peaked in 2018 but were down by nearly 50% last year, back to levels last seen over a decade ago. Has retail therapy run its course? Why is that?

The pandemic played a part, of course, but could it also be that people value their well-being over fighting tooth and claw for a discounted TV? Black Friday always ran on FOMO and retailers relied on scarcity, limited time offers, and cheap credit.

These days, retailers are less able to afford deep discounts, and supply chains are missing a few links, meaning genuine scarcity haunts some stores. People are conscious that recession is on the way. Prices are biting and budgets are tightening pretty much everywhere.

Some brands are just not interested. Forbes reports that REI, the outdoor retailer, is not only closed today, but it’s also put a halt to processing online orders and given all staff the day off.

In the United Kingdom, Green Friday recommends 8 ways to boycott Black Friday, including getting out and enjoying nature, doing something nice for someone, and taking time to create, craft, or recycle something. Maybe meditate. It’s a more wholesome and healthful approach to today than brawling in a Walmart parking lot.

As for us, we believe in balance. Holiday shopping is still in full swing, which is why last Sunday we sent our guide to the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts you can snag online. (Didn’t see that email come through? Check your spam and promotions inbox.)

As for me, after I hit send on this email, I’m going out to touch grass and maybe kick a pile of leaves.

Tell us: How are you spending today? Is your Friday black, green, or something in between? Let us know at the usual address: wellnesswire@healthline.com.
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Thank you for reading today’s shorter Wellness Wire. We’ll be back to our full glory on Monday. In the meantime, happy holidays!
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