Women’s Health Week, which starts each year on Mother’s Day, is a reminder to pause and consider how we — or the women and girls in our lives — prioritize our whole-body health.

Whether you’re looking for the best multivitamins for women, CBD products to soothe menstrual cramps, or a meditation app to calm your busy mind, the women on our editorial team have plenty of recommendations. Here’s what’s keeping them feeling in tip-top shape, both physically and mentally.

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“My mental health is the cornerstone of my overall health. This year I started therapy with BetterHelp, a virtual talk therapy service. It was so easy to sign up — I filled out a survey, was paired with a therapist in 24 hours, and now use their easy booking platform to schedule video, phone, or chat sessions. As someone who works from home (and is planning a wedding!) it’s been a real game-changer.” — Jamey Powell, Senior Market Editor

“I have a hard time quieting my mind before bed. I find that the Calm Sleep Meditations help me shut my mind off so that I can fall asleep faster. I’ve also used the Calm Kids part of the app on days when my 6-year-old is in a funk. Not only does he enjoy it, but it helps him reset his mood, setting him up for a better day at school.” — Megan Severs, Editorial Director

“The Cora cup is a great way to ditch tampons or pads and manage your period more sustainably. The cup is made from medical grade silicone and comes with a storage case and how-to guide. The company also provides period education and access to period products across India, Kenya, and the U.S. This way, young people with periods do not have to stay home from school during that week, like some still do. See their impact report.” — Christy Snyder, Clinical Market Editor

“I’ve been trying to boost my nails, hair, and skin for a while now, so I decided to try these Biotin Boost gummies from Hers. They contain vitamins B12, B6, D & folic acid. I take one of these little sweet and sour bites each day and, after finishing my first bottle, I do think they’re helping, at least to strengthen my nails. Plus, they taste great.” — Jamey Powell, Senior Market Editor

“Brooks is my go-to running shoe brand to make sure that I'm as comfortable as I can be when I'm walking or running. They offer women's sizes in wide versions, which I wish more companies did. Their Ghost shoe is a good pick for a neutral, wide road shoe and it comes in lots of different colors.” — Candice Abellon, Senior Clinical Market Editor

“These prAna Zawn Leggings are my go-to piece of activewear. Whether I'm hiking, working from home, chasing after my toddler, or actually doing yoga, they’re my go-to thanks to their comfortable fit, deep pockets, and stylish design. The fabric hides underwear lines and holds up well to washing. As a bonus, prAna is a fair trade certified clothing company that uses eco-friendly fabrics and plastic-free packaging.” — Kelli McGrane, Nutrition Market Editor

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— The Healthline Editorial Team

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